Wednesday, March 30, 2011


While the military industrial [congressional] complex go about the business of war and selling their mission in the Middle East to United States citizens and the rest of the world, the one thing they won't talk about, but is ever present in their minds and strategy, is the 800 pound gorilla in the room ... Israel.

Right now, the Iranian regime (who hates Israel) is aiding the Syrian regime to crush Syria's opposition (which may consist of Al Qaeda and other rebels that don't like the United States or Israel). You've also got rebel forces (who Joe Lieberman and others like to call "freedom fighters") of all kinds of groups in Libya (some who may or may not like the United States or Israel).

And then there's Afghanistan which remains unresolved, and Iraq, where people still suffer, and India and Pakistan, and Palestine [and of course, other areas of unrest in the Middle East].

No matter what happens with this present Middle East crisis, the 800 pound gorilla will still be in the room.

And whether you are on the side of Israel, or not on the side of Israel, what's occurring in the Middle East will probably not end well for anyone. It's just a matter of when that happens.

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