Sunday, April 3, 2011


There are a number of so-called centrist organizations (ex. "No Label") or centrist entities popping up all over the place. These centrists say they are simply people who are sensible, who don't want to yell and scream, who just want to work things out, who are willing to compromise.

Don't confuse "centrist" with "independent".

Right now (in my opinion) we don't need a centrist ... because the one thing you don't need when your house is on fire, is for someone to politely try to work out a solution to put the fire out. Yes, be rational, ... but hell, your house is on fire!! Muster all the people, money and other resources on heaven and earth and put the damn thing out now!

I don't want someone who is watching their family being murdered and raped, say "you can rape and kill him and/or her, but leave what's left of my family alone". I want them to move heaven and earth, and do whatever they can, and find whoever they can, to stop their entire family from being slaughtered and raped.

See centrists (again, my opinion) are status quo people. These are the folks who would leave the poor and disabled to fend for themselves in order to arrive at some kind of "compromise", or because they need certain folks money to campaign and win elections. They never think to stand on street corners, go house to house, and walk from city to city, state to state with a message, ... that in America (with my family) some things are worth fighting for.

Centrists were the ones who politely compromised on health care reform while women who had breast cancer were dying (are dying) because they couldn't (can't) afford treatment.

Some things you simply don't compromise on. For example: It is a woman (not you or me or the state) who decides what to do with her life and her body (and no one should put barriers up or should stand in her way) ... non negotiable. For example: Our children deserve to be (and because they can't do it all by themselves) protected, fed, clothed, sheltered now, to have health care now ... non negotiable.

No one can see far into the future. What we do know is ... that people are unemployed, and people are dying in America because they can't afford food, proper shelter, and affordable and proper health care. What we do know is ... that there is no prosperity for all when there is no Middle Class. What we do know is ... All workers have a right to collectively bargain and be treated fairly; and one of the reasons why, is because that organization/entity cannot survive without them. What we do know is ... trickle down economics doesn't work.

What we do know is .... that the entities, [that caused the collapse of a world's economy, and the destruction of many persons/families livelihoods], and the people who reaped benefits from the collapse of a world's economy, must pay monetary restitution. The world's economy (and the people whose lives they destroyed, and the families that were destroyed) must be made whole. There is no compromise ... it is non negotiable.

There is another word for a centrist ... when the shoe fits ... that word is "coward" ... and/or a person who is not willing to take a strong stand for what is right, ethical, moral (and let's not get into the pro choice/anti choice fight), and good. I've already stated what is non negotiable.

Right now, in this place, at this time, ... I need, we need .... people who are willing to take a strong stand. To fight back against the insanity that is taking place in the "peoples chamber" in Washington and across this nation. I want fighters, not peace keepers, to say, "you will not destroy any more lives, ... that there are some things that are non negotiable and worth fighting for, ... and I will not you hear me, ... will not back down". I want them to take an unshakable stand, place the blame where it should be, ... demand that those responsible for the destruction, the carnage, and those who reaped the benefits from it, to make us whole.

In other words, ... I want a progressive. (1)


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