Thursday, March 10, 2011


I don't know why anyone is surprised by what Republicans are doing across this nation. [Destroying what's left of the Middle Class.] The Republicans have never been about job creation. They always side with deregulation and big business (who outsource jobs, and want to cut labor costs, while making sure their CEOs and top executives have great compensation packages).

As far as small business is concerned ... How can you be in the pockets of big business and support small business at the same time. YOU CAN'T! Big Business will swallow small business whole, and spit out what's left of small business, leaving them with a decimated Middle Class, and a low wage population to do business with.

Hey, you voted for them, or you just didn't show up to vote at all. Now, this is your punishment ... unfortunately, you've sucked the rest of us into your misery.

The majority of Republicans (and many conservatives) have shown they care very little about students/public education/teachers, older people, health care, women and women's rights; and they care very, very little about the working class, the Middle Class and the poor.

Conservatives tanked the economy, they've never addressed or wanted to address the decline or stagnation in wages; and one of their biggest concerns in regards to education, is to make sure people don't have access to good and truthful information. Hell, why would they want a free an open Internet where people can find out what their goons are up to?

Conservatives love to rewrite history, and they are perfectly happy with making Americans fear Muslims, while they march us into the incinerator of an Orwellian society (where there are essentially only 2 [I said "essentially"] classes of people - those that have [a very small group], and those that don't have [the larger group]).

Who are they banking on to get them into the White House in 2012? Well, ... it's not women, students, the poor, minorities, or the 50-60% of the population that has some modicum of intelligence.

Oh yeah ... union members, please don't strike and give these annihilators any ammunition to speed up their agenda to privatize every freaking thing they can get away with. Remember, Republicans know full well that if you privatize and strip workers of their collective bargaining rights, the average worker will have absolutely no one with any kind of power to go to bat for them. AND I DO MEAN NO ONE! Then watch out, ... "George Orwell's 1984" will be here faster than anyone can predict. We're already about half way there (for some, they're already there).


Did anyone see [kiss the Heritage Foundation] Mark Tapscott on Dylan Ratigan today (March 10, 2011)?

He smirked and mocked hard working Americans ...
After his remarks, there was no question that this guy marches in lock step with his party. You know, ... the party that is out to destroy what's left of the Middle Class.

What happened to your journalistic integrity ... huh Mark? Guess you lost your mind along with your fellow brethren at the Heritage Foundation.

[Couldn't help notice that the Examiner happened to stroll over to this post to see what I had to say about one of their own]

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