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What's buzzing around progressive circles is that Howard Dean (former Governor of Vermont, and former chairman of the DNC), who is sticking up for the president on his Libya stance, was somehow corralled by the president to support him. For whatever reason, Howard knows that a challenge to President Obama in the Democratic primaries, might just cause the Democrats to lose the White House in 2012.
New/corporate/Third Way/conservative Democrats will be tip toeing around the "why Libya? ", and "is there a military solution?" questions.
[Update 3/23 (pm): Wow, this president moves pretty damn fast rallying support...]

While Susan Rice and Samantha Power probably had good intentions (wanting to protect the Libyan people and "watch video"), this "no fly zone" that the president agreed to, reeks of, 1. *neo liberal, *2. military contractors, 3. *France - oil, 4. *privatization, and 5. the interests of a certain "state" [and especially if you look at the geography and understand what is truly happening with *North Africa, and the unrest in the Middle East .]

There also seems to be a rather disturbing trend by the Obama administration to either ignore, or shift focus away from our corrupt corporations, Afghanistan, budget cuts, the Economy, the destruction of the Middle Class, what's going on with workers, the unions and collective bargaining, and the Republicans mad dash to privatize every thing they can get their hands on.  And believe me they will privatize everything [including social security] unless somebody gets in their way.

As to Republicans bickering about Libya. They absolutely, without question, want to invade Libya for purely selfish reasons; but, they also want to destroy President Obama. Are they being disingenuous? YOU BETCHA! (By the way, we're absolutely not a Sarah Palin fan ... not by any stretch of the imagination.)

Where does mainstream media (MSM), who are controlled by the 1%ers, stand when it comes to reporting on Libya? Will they walk that fine line? Why bother with them at all? Why not go straight to AJ English or Democracy Now?

As to why the president is in Brazil? The progressive buzz ...
Brazil (1), (2) abstained from the vote on the "no fly zone" resolution. So ... (conclusions anyone?)

Since India also abstained from the vote on a "no fly zone" in Libya ... will the president be going to India next, or just making a few phone calls?

Anyone doing any research on just how WWII started? (3)

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