Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Let's get one thing straight first. The government is us, the majority of whom are average ordinary citizens. (1) Politicians, it has been proven, are mostly representatives of Wall Street. (2)They do their bidding.

The Joe Lieberman who stands before us has decided to leave office in a blaze of shame; and he reeks of neo libeal, the "state", the destruction of Wikileaks (truth), of military contractors, of multinational corporations (especially bankers) and insurance companies. He reeks of what President Eisenhower warned against ... the military, industrial, [congressional] complex.

Joe Lieberman who supported the president's decision on the "no fly zone" against Libya is now calling for a "no fly zone" against Syria (saying there is an American appetite to back freedom fighters outside Libya .... [Where did he get that idea?].

This is the same man who said he would vote against the public option, and the extension of Medicare to Americans between 55 and 65 (because he said it would lead to single payer). Lieberman was also against the drug reimportation amendment.

This is also the same man who remains silent about multinational corporations outsourcing jobs to poor countries paying workers less than 50 cents and hour, and doing nothing about their working conditions, health care, or standard of living. If we're wrong about this, please tell us.



Joe Lieberman (from Wikipedia):

On Free Trade:

for free trade economics

On Israel:

outspoken supporter of the U.S.-Israel relationship

On Wikileaks:

an integral part in attempting to stop WikiLeaks

On Republicans and Foreign and Defense Policy:

opposed filibustering Republican judicial appointments

supports Republicans on foreign and defense policy

About Lieberman's campaign contributors:

"Since 1989, Lieberman has received more than $31.4 million in campaign donations from specific industries and sectors. His largest donors have represented the securities and investment ($3.7 million), legal ($3.6 million), real estate ($3.1 million) and health professional ($1.1 million) industries."

On Oil and Iraq:

"Mr. Lieberman also reiterated his belief that the war against terrorists could drag on for several years, and that pulling troops out of Iraq would allow the Iranian government to move in and would increase the price of oil.

''If we walk away, then the Iranians will -- as sure as I am talking to you -- surge into Iraq, certainly take over the south and the oil that's there,'' he said. ''We'll be paying six or seven bucks a gallon."


On Muslims:

US Congress holds anti-Muslim hearing by Patrick Martin, March 11, 2011


How Members of Congress Are Advancing Anti-Muslim Hysteria to Push a Radical Legal Agenda | Civil Liberties | AlterNet by Liliana Segura, January 28, 2010

On Sweatshops in Bangladesh and anywhere:

If Joe Lieberman has ever spoken out about sweatshops in Bangladesh or anywhere, please let us know.

On the Bailout / Wall Street / Deregulation:

ThinkProgress » Lieberman: We Need To Pass The Bailout Because ‘It Will Be Good For John McCain’ by Matt Corley, October 2, 2008

Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (watchdog.net)

Rumor Mill News Reading Room Forum McCain, Lieberman And Financial Deregulation

supported deregulation of the telecommunications industry

deregulation of the energy industry

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"4 Scenarios for the Coming Collapse of the American Empire" | | AlterNet

by Alfred W. McCoy

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