Friday, March 25, 2011


Keeping up with the good, the bad (especially the bad), and the ugly, is a full time job. You end up pulling your hair out and cursing wildly.

Below are all the websites I checked out recently, and I almost ended up throwing my computer monitor across the room after reading about all the corporate fraud, corruption, corporate crimes, and absurdly, excessively ridiculous CEO pay.

The level of corruption seems insurmountable and you ask yourself time and time again "How do we get rid of this?" ... "What can we do to stop it?"

Well, luckily, at the "Inside Job" documentary website, there is a link to their Facebook page, where you can find out what you can do.

There's also an Institute for Policy Studies webpage where you can take action about company layoffs.

Inside Job - Movie Website for the Documentary Film

Daily Show Highlights: GE Pays No Tax, So...Give Em a Tax Break | Rolling Stone Politics | RS Politics Daily | Rolling Stone Writers and Editors on Political News March 29, 2011

**100th Anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire March 25, 2011, Democracy Now

**Labor Rights Legacy of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire: Garment Unions Marched Out of this Fire and Produced the New Unionism March 25, 2011, Democracy Now

**100 Years After Triangle Fire, Tragedy in Bangladesh and Anti-Union Bill in Wisconsin Highlight Workers' Enduring Struggles March 25, 2011, Democracy Now

Executive Excess 2010: CEO Pay and the Great Recession - IPS

Today's Plutocracy Post: GE Doesn't Pay Taxes -- Taxpayers Pay GE | by Dave Johnson, March 25, 2011

Crime and Punishment on Wall Street

Institute for Policy Studies: Campaign | Stop Executive Excess

CEO Report: Top 50 layoff companies

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