Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Has the GOP gone completely insane?!!

Ever since Barack Obama was elected in 2008, Republicans have literally lost whatever sanity they had left [which wasn't much] after [with the help of corporate Democrats] gutting a world's economy and contributing to millions of jobs disappearing in a matter of a few months.

This is going to be very difficult for me to articulate, because what we are witnessing in the chambers/halls of Congress and across this nation, leaves one almost speechless ... I did say almost.

Everyone with any ounce of sense knows that the folks on Wall Street [aided by conservative politicians] gutted this economy; and with utter horror and reluctance, tax payers were forced to bail out the gutter trash.

How does the GOP repay the good people, the regular folk for their act of forced kindness? ... They line up to kick and stomp the ordinary folk who were forced to rescue the gutter trash, and at the same time, the GOP rewards that trash with tax breaks, tax cuts, and the ability to do whatever the hell it wants to do. Insane!!

Look, here's the GOP in one fragment and one sentence:

Deregulate whole industries, ... gut child labor laws, ... gut the unions so workers have no say in their wages, their working conditions, their retirement and health care, ... eliminate the minimum wage, ... allow corporations to continue to outsource jobs with no penalties, ... allow corporations to pollute the water and the environment with impunity, ... start war all over Africa, the Middle East, etc (well, I guess we're doing that now).

In a nutshell, they will hasten our already downward spiral into a third world economy/ country, ... an Orwellian society, where the majority of Americans will be poor, or just above poor, .... and the rich will be richer than ever.

Watch all 4 videos, and enjoy the last one.

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