Saturday, April 30, 2011

William Bennett's Radical Dreams Become a Reality - Thom Hartmann: FLorida Public schools

In November 2008, right after the election of Barack Obama, the Republican Governors' Association Annual Conference met in Florida. I watched panels of Republican governors and their friends for 2 days on C-SPAN. What's shocking is that most of the governors sounded reasonable, until I heard William Bennett (former education secretary under Reagan) speak. You wouldn't know it to look at him; but, Bill Bennett is a very scary man with radical views regarding education.

With Bennett on one of the panels, discussions turned to how to change the culture/values/ideology/etc. to reflect right-wing values/culture/ideology. The most important, according to Bennett, is to indoctrinate children (using the: internet, media, classroom and text books) with conservative, right wing values, [with a right wing slant/re-write/whitewash].

Now we've found out, Bill Bennett and his Republican cohorts' dreams are about to come true.

Thom Hartmann: FL Public schools - the Wall of Separation is about to Crumble | Thom Hartmann - News & info from the #1 progressive radio show April 29, 2011

Texas Conservatives Win Vote on Textbook Standards - March 12, 2010

2008 Election Cycle - C-SPAN Video Library November 12, 2008 (listen to William Bennett - about 52 minutes in)
I understood back then, that Republicans had found a way to regain power. They had to claim the majority of state governor seats. [and thanks to ill-informed citizens, they did it]

The Corporate State Will Continue its Inexorable Advance Until We're Locked into a Permanent Underclass | | AlterNet by Chris Hedges, April 29, 2011


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