Thursday, February 17, 2011


MAJOR HEADLINE NEWS!! The Republican Party, Glenn Beck and other FOX TV hosts, are corporate shills for major corporations who want to bust unions.
Unions are hated by many conservatives (that includes the Republican Party, Libertarians, and a number of corporate Democrats) because unions represent workers, as opposed to [who many conservatives represent]- big business and big/Wall Street money interests.
In addition, unions are hated by conservatives because they usually support the Democratic Party (however, there are union members who vote for Republicans). So, unions represent workers, who in turn, usually support Democrats. Destroy unions, who represent workers ... you help destroy the Democratic Party. -

These conservatives forget it was the firefighters and police (who were members of unions) who gave their lives on 9/11.


Public employees are men and women who provide much needed services (and they pay federal, state and local taxes, and help stimulate the economy). They also shop in the communities where they work. More important ... there is no profit motive ... The emphasis is placed on service. Click HERE to learn the five myths about privatization.**

Many public employees live in the communities/cities where they serve, and this creates a special bond between the residents and public employees. If you live where you work, you tend to care more about that city/community.

In regards to unions in the private sector: Don't be fooled by rhetoric that says corporations are outsourcing (to other countries) because of unions.

Labor unions in the United States now make up only 7.6% of the private workforce, yet corporations continue to outsource.
Many major U.S. corporations and multinational corporations are simply motivated by, and totally focused on profits. How do you increase corporate profits?

The first thing corporate management looks at is reducing labor costs. Do they go overboard? We think yes, ... instead of looking at what's good for the city/state/country/world where the sell their products or services, they choose to exploit labor (they look for cheap labor)... A living wage or raising the standard of living doesn't enter into the discussion (even though doing so would ultimately benefit them).

Corporations compete among themselves for the best talent in specialized fields; however, if they could automate every job/function of the corporation today, they would do it. This kind of thinking is devastating to all societies.
Where are our urban planners? We need urban planners and honest politicians to create plans and policies that help lift the standard of living for everyone; and we need them to promote and create an attractive, peaceful, healthy, and productive environment.
The only organizations that consistently fight for worker's rights, benefits and a living wage are unions. Are unions perfect? ... No ... No organization is. ... But you have a choice ... You can bash unions who have consistently represented (and fought for) the worker (you), or side with those who are corporate shills.


[We stand with unions all over this world (and there are many). We also ask that they form one cohesive worldwide organization that represents each and every one of those individual unions/us]. One focus of that worldwide body should be ... a global base wage for each industry (so large corporations would no longer be able to exploit cheap labor).
Update 2/17/2011:
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