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The Labor Movement is alive and well and growing all over the world; and they (the people, the worker) have been left out of any dialogue or discussion in the restructuring of the economies of their countries. This does not bode well.
Again, the Labor Movement is spreading.
Do you think the Republican Party knows? They might not have known before the election; but I bet they do now.
They were absolutely stunned with the election of a Democrat named Barack Obama.

I think it even scared Bill Clinton, champion of corporate globalization (although maybe he’s not so much for it now – don’t know).

The election of Barack Obama definitely horrified the Republican Party, the Party of the “exploitation of the worker” for the benefit of corporate management and the 2% of the population that control a majority of the wealth.

Man, I don’t believe it, but I’m starting to sound like a card carrying member of a labor union.
Look, the corporations have screwed the worker; they’ve been doing it for a long time. It’s gotten so bad that the workers, the little people around the world, are forming labor unions.

I was doing a little research about the differences between Democrats and Republicans (see previous post) when I came upon article after article talking about the growth in labor unions around the world. The Internet has definitely helped their movement. They’re growing across the globe and they’re really fed up with corporate globalization (of which the Republican Party are defenders).

I was shocked to discover that labor unions were growing rapidly in Iraq, Germany, France, China, Egypt, throughout South America, etc.

The corporations have intertwined themselves in the economies of so many countries, that when one of these companies fall, they can cause great damage to the economies of that country and affect the lives of millions of people (most of them lower and middle income people) – the “working class”.

Corporations have controlled or tried to influence foreign policy for a long time; problem is they need someone to help push their agenda. The perfect Party in the United States… the Republican Party, in Britain the Torys, etc. etc. ATT last year was the Republican Party’s biggest contributor. Yes, ATT the ones who are listening to your conversations over the phone, and monitoring your
email, etc

There is a growing resentment towards big business and global corporations whose agenda is to make a lot of money for management and their major stockholders (those who own the majority block of shares) who control the majority of the wealth, but only represent 2% of the population. It’s corporate management’s job to pay you as little wage as they can get away with.

That’s why they seek to plop themselves in countries where the people have literally no real power.
They consistently vote for Republican Party candidates; Republican Party -defenders of their way of life.

So the backlash and unrest you see all over the world is that growing resentment towards these companies and their agenda.

The American worker (the low and middle income blue collar and white collar worker) wasn’t totally aware of it when they voted for “CHANGE”; but, they were really voting for the labor movement.

Look, when you lose your job or see your paycheck shrink who do you blame? When you lose your home, your pensions, your health care (or have no health care) who do you blame? When you can’t afford to send your child to college or trade school to be educated to get/compete for a job or be a self-employed professional whatever (so they can earn a good wage or salary), who do you blame?

The election of Michael Steele (RNC chairman) is no accident? The more moderate members of the Party who wanted to re-energize the party and take back the power from Democrats thought an African American could weaken Barack Obama’s power (the power of the “working class”); however, the person chosen must be a champion of corporate globalization. Well, Michael Steele is definitely a champion of big business and corporate globalization. Read his biography on Wikipedia.

Yes, the Republican Party is scared that their Party is weakened and that means big business is weakened, that the people who control the corporations and the majority stockholders are weakened; but guys, they no longer control the government. The “Working Class” (blue and white collar labor) and a few upper class moderate Republicans made the decision to embrace the people’s movement (the labor movement).

The Huffington Post captured a conversation by some bailout recipients talking about how they were going to defeat labor bill.


President Obama’s pick of Treasury Secretary is a little scary. His friends are those guys who have 40% to 50% of the wealth, but only represent 2% of the population. Heck, Geithner's replacement came from Goldman Sachs

Now their argument for having that 40% to 50% is that they work harder or have sacrificed or gotten advanced degrees. I’m not going to take that away from them although I’m going to challenge them on the “work harder”; and, shouldn’t you be pursuing a career not because of the money, but because it is your passion?

Well, we can debate that later. What is important is that the “Working Class/Middle Classdrives this country. When you erode it, you cause governments to topple and economies to go to hellso who is really worth more, and who is more important, and who should possess more of the wealth?

Here I go sounding like a “Socialist”; however, Abraham Lincoln (who the President admires) at his Gettysburg address said these radical words: “Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”
Gettysburg address/Abraham Lincoln

Why wouldn’t the Republican Party (again, defenders of big business –corporate globalization) want to make government smaller? It’s in their best interest.

I think the reason I didn’t want Geithner having an input into how the TARP money should be used is that his buddies are those very people who seek to exploit labor. Can you really trust him with our “TARP” money? Hell no.
"Working Class" people (and all people), those people who have lost their jobs especially, stop killing your neighbors, friends, family and stealing from them. Instead, organize a non-violent labor movement.

My suggestion to us/the government: (you’ve got to do this quickly or Geithner is going to draft a plan fast to make sure his buddies keep their 40% to 50%+ of the wealth).

1. Demand that that TARP money is given to the workers who would then buy the company or have a controlling interest in it.

2. After the workers get control of the money, the workers would form their own business structure; and they hire managers from within their own ranks, or if they hired outside their company, all workers would have a choice in the pick and determine his/her salary.

3. Whatever decisions that are made, should be to benefit the worker.

I really need help here people. Post your comments and call your representatives and the President.
By the way, the "Working Class" loves business, just not the businesses I described.

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