Thursday, February 24, 2011


I get so angry when average Americans look for scapegoats instead of focusing on the real problem/s, and trying to come up with real solutions that address the "inequities" in our capitalistic system. This inequity is destroying the middle class, and allowing the wealth and income to be concentrated at the top 1% of the population. We are becoming a George Orwell "1984" society.

Right now, conservatives are in "divide and conquer mode" trying to pit unions against non-union employees, public against private sector employees, middle class against poor, firefighters and police against teachers, etc.

Scott Walker and every conservative governor, ... heck, every conservative period, is trying to pit one group against the other group. They've done it for years ... and they are usually successful in "pulling the wool over our eyes".

Luckily the firefighters and police are siding with their brothers and sisters in the unions.

If you have a 5 day work week, an 8 hour job, paid sick days, paid holidays, vacation time, over time pay ... you owe that largely to unions. Unions are responsible for the labor laws we have. Why do you think we celebrate labor day? Every worker in the world owes what benefits they have to unions.

The unions are the only organization that will fight for your/our rights as a worker, and they consistently try to make things better for the worker/us. We owe them our loyalty and support.

We need to recognize where the problems at the state and federal level are coming from (where our economic problems are coming from).

The Top 1% owns more than 90% of us combined;
and the top 1-10% of the population have rigged and corrupted our financial and political systems. [Please read MyBudget360 daily]

Instead of workers fighting among themselves, we need to get the EFCA on a national ballot; and after the EFCA is passed nationally, then let the worker decide if they want to join or form a union. We all should recognize what's at stake here and not allow ourselves to be frightened by union busting rhetoric. We need a unified, powerful voice to go up against the 1-10% (CEOs and management of multinational corporations, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Koch brothers*, right wing organizations fueled with corporate dollars, wealthy members of right-wing think tanks, the super wealthy professionals,
heads of media conglomerates and the talking heads and hosts of their media outlets.

We need for every worker to be part of an organization that will collectively bargain for them. There I've said it ... and once the top 1-10% get a whiff of any mass collective bargaining movement, they will move heaven and earth to try to stop it. You're already seeing this played out (on a smaller scale) in conservatively governed state legislatures across the nation.

Stop these people!! Don't allow them to take away anyone's collective bargaining rights.

We also need to tune out Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, FOX news and most right-wing radio hosts. These people are mouth pieces for the 1-10% where the wealth and income are concentrated (and that 1-10% will lie, cheat, and steal to keep their wealth and their income - the rest of us be damned).

I recommend going to MyBudget360 daily, Free Speech TV, Democracy Now, Firedog Lake, Alternet, Huffington Post, visiting the blogs on our blog list (right lower hand side of this blog), watching the Rachel Maddow show, The Ed Show, The Last Word, The Dylan Ratigan Show, Cenk Uygur (on MSNBC at 6pm est), and HERE for world news from world prize winning investigative journalists.

David Sirota: The Significance of the Submerged State - February 21, 2011

*Koch Brothers Behind Wisconsin Effort To Kill Public Unions - Rick Ungar - The Policy Page - Forbes

"Why Germany Has it so Good -- and Why America is Going Down the Drain" by Terrence McNally [October 14, 2010].


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Clevelands Secret Club said...

Everyone needs to read the following two articles.

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