Friday, June 12, 2009

What do Sarah Palin and former Miss California have in common?

I think Fridays will be my day to wrap things up for the week. Here goes …
1. These are the people I will not be talking about from this day forward (use Keith Olbermann's opening "Countdown" voice and say that phrase aloud again). Anyway, these people are: Sarah Palin and former
Miss California, Carrie Prejean.
Why? Because they stand for mediocrity and for that matter, they stand for nothing. They add nothing to the conversation, and they use their looks and not their brains to get noticed. What's worse, they are opportunists posing as Christians; and unfortunately, they are also the shells I talked about in “Women’s Rights Opponents – Pro-Lifers”. Too bad that they’ve volunteered to be the shells.

2. Today is a day of significance for the Iranian people, and especially the young Iranian people. Whatever happens today, this is a significant step toward positive change in that region. Hopefully, the election of Barack Obama has made Americans think more deeply about their own politics and government. They certainly need to bone up on geography, American and World History and political issues and their own political representatives. Americans criticize other nations, but it is most unfortunate that they themselves have absolutely no clue how their own government works. Totally clueless. See: How Stupid Are We?
3. I am disappointed with the Obama administration’s choice for GM CEO. Rahm Emanuel probably had a hand in the decision; which is probably why, to my dismay, the choice is former AT&T retired executive, Edward E. Whitacre Jr. Whitacre is a veteran Republican fundraiser.

A bundler for the 2004 Bush-Cheney campaign, Whitacre and his wife Linda have donated a total of $81,000 to political candidates since 1990. To the President’s credit, none have gone to him; however, 80% of the Whitacre’s contributions have gone to the GOP. Yes, my wonderful union workers, my wonderful UAWthe President has chosen a supporter of union busters. Do you think he did that on purpose? Could be … I’d definitely be calling him to have him explain why? Then I’d get my union members together to see how to get a bigger stake in GM. If you want to know what the next move should be, leave me a comment or e-mail and/or call Michael Moore.

4. The fact that Republicans are saying they have to reach out to minorities if they are to ever win national elections again, sort of underscores the racism factor and amplifies their current description … “right-wing” or "far right". The fact is, that once the 1965 Voting Rights Act was signed, the southern racist dixiecrats ran kicking and screaming from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party and have largely remained there ever since; and, in fact, their voices control the Republican side of the Senate and the Republican side of the Congress.

5. I think Joe Scarborough just loves to rattle people’s cages because he is constantly saying dumb, ignorant things.
This morning Joe goes on and on about James W. von Brunn, trying to decide if he was a left-wing or right-wing extremist. Then the guests on “Morning Joe” and I believe Joe himself, decide to say that Mr. Brunn was mentally ill.
That really burned my but. My response:
So now you want to give any cold-blooded killer, extremist cold-blooded killer, fixated cold-blooded killer the mental illness label. Ignorance does abound on your set today; and people want to label it anything other than what it is … cold-blooded killing. How dare you try to give these killers an insanity defense.”

6. I hope some group decides to name a humanitarian charitable fund in Stephen Tyrone Johns' name (
slain Holocaust Museum guard). I’d be the first to donate.

7. Finally, I’m sick and tired of politicians over-reacting and chalking their paranoia and fears of not being re-elected, up to “so called” fears coming from their constituents.

Do you really think that Americans are scared to death to have terrorists in our prisons? We've got our own "home-grown" ones there now in addition to foreign terrorists. I can understand the hesitancy surrounding suspected terrorists roaming our streets; but fear over imprisoning convicted terrorists in the United States is ridiculous. No wonder other countries call Americans "soft". I'm more afraid of the home-grown" ones, because, like Brunn, they're all around us and they lie in wait ready to inflict cataclysmic harm.

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