Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I would absolutely not put too much weight behind the Washington Post poll taken about feelings on health care costs, limiting of doctors, etc.

During the Presidential campaign, whenever a poll was announced, people would email their friends and load the poll up with a one sided view. I don't care if the poll is online or on the street, etc.; those polls can all be manipulated.

Look, I can only afford a PPO. I can go to whoever I please; however, if the doctor is out of network, I pay a lot more for his services.

This whole scare tactic perpetrated by the Republicans is ridiculous. The majority of people want the public option. Everyone who has health insurance knows that there are problems with these “for profit” health insurance companies; and all health insurance companies have limitations on who is covered, what is covered, what they will and will not pay, etc. etc. If you don't want any limitations, then you self-insure and then cross your fingers that you don't ever have to deal with a catastrophic illness.

I will say though, if I'm looking to do business with a doctor, I will ask what insurance plans he accepts. If I want to keep that doctor, I may look into the different plans he accepts and choose from one of them after I do some research. The more likely scenario ... if I like my doctor and he doesn't accept the plan I currently have, I ask him to participate in the plan. If he's a doctor I've had for a long time, you bet he'll participate.

The reality most doctors face is that if a lot of people use a particular health insurance company plan, the doctor will be forced to accept that plan. If he doesn't, he loses business.
One more thing ... at the drop of a hat, the United States spends trillions on war (where no one has declared war on us) and the return is death and injury and suffering; yet, we squabble about the costs of health care where the (having health care) return is better health and ease of suffering.
The United States sends billions (if not trillions) to other countries and the IMF yet we can't afford to pay for quality, affordable universal health care for all its citizens?
BULL ..!! Somebody is not paying attention, and I'm afraid it's the American people. WAKE UP!

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