Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Those people or groups who seek to do violence against people of a different religion, race or ethnic group are right–wing extremists. Let me be clear; there are right-wing extremists of every religion, color, race, ethnic origin, and gender and s. orientation. Don’t confuse this fact.

We must never elect those kinds of people. We want peace-seeking Moderates and peaceful people who are inclusive and believe in inclusiveness (of peace-seeking people). That is what the Democratic Party stands for and the Democratic leadership stands for.

I was saddened when Ed Schultz (of “The Ed Show) in response to someone calling the President Muslim, said quickly that the President wasn’t Muslim. He didn’t even have the guts to say, “though there’s nothing wrong with being Muslim” or the other phrase that many use, “though I have friends who are Muslim”. At least Colin Powell was brave enough to say there’s nothing wrong with being Muslim.

For the sake of clarity, when I say left-leaning, I am speaking about those left-leaning groups in the United States that stand behind our constitutional rights and human rights. I am not talking about left-leaning groups in any other country; though many of those left-leaning groups have similar beliefs.

The majority of violent extremist groups are right wing extremist groups; they seek to exclude people from enjoying, Human Rights, Women's Rights, Constitutional rights, or Civil rights.

I’m also irritated when news commentators or others want to say that liberals and left leaning progressives have violent extremist groups. The very nature of the group being left-leaning means you tend to abhor violence against another group of people.

You will, however, find right-wing Progressives and some groups who call themselves Progressive, who would advocate violence. That’s why you have to distinguish the group from right-leaning or left-leaning or Progressive. I am a left leaning Progressive and abhor violence.

Perhaps media and others should look up the word Progressives in Wikipedia.

I don’t know any left-leaning/liberal or any left-leaning group driving around plotting to kill pro-lifers. I don’t know any left-leaning/liberal or any left-leaning group driving around or meeting to kill racists. I don’t see any left-leaning/liberal groups driving around or meeting to kill those who want to deny others of their basic human rights. I do know Moderates, left-leaning people and left-leaning/liberal/left-leaning progressive groups who will use peaceful means to try to get violent groups to stop their hate filled and violent acts.

On the lighter side … the only people that absolutely drive me insane are those people who drive around with their radios turned up loud with the base, coming from their car stereos, which reverberate and penetrate my home. I love peace and quiet. Could this group be associated with right-wing extremism? (smile)

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