Friday, February 27, 2009


This morning you said a word that Republicans know Americans react negatively to. I’ve heard that word every time a Republican wants to stir up trouble and lie to the American people. That word is “welfare”.

You now have used that word and have become a “mouth piece” for the Republican Party. Shame on you.

The government has always extended a helping hand to those people in need. Always … whether it was under a Republican administration or a Democratic administration … and as we know, over the past 40 years, there have been more Republican administrations than Democratic.

The Madoff types have used ponzi schemes and Wall Street introduced shady financial instruments which helped bring down this Nation. The oil companies made huge profits, CEO's made excessively huge bonuses, stock options, etc. no matter what the company's profits were. Republicans have consistently given favors (welfare) to the rich. You don’t call that welfare … you CNN, and Republicans and a lot of brainwashed people call it farm subsidies, tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, preferential treatment to corporations by enacting laws that benefit them, deregulation, etc., etc. Those words sound nicer than “welfare”.

The President will let the Bush tax cuts (that favor the wealthiest Americans) expire and reset those taxes to where it was during the Clinton administration … no longer favoring the rich (no longer providing welfare to those who don't need it).

For some reason, CNN, you always give more credibility to Republicans over Democrats. I wonder what media conglomerate (recipients of corporate “welfare”) you belong to?

If you continue to use those politically and negatively charged words, I will urge my blog followers, friends, family, and club members to watch C-SPAN or Discovery or History Channel or just turn off the television.

Again, shame on you.
I want all you "fat cats", Republicans, CEO's, management of large corporations, the "2% who control 80% of the wealth" in this country ... all of you to wake up and realize that the American people voted for Democrats ... defenders of low-income and middle-income workers, the poor and the sick (those Americans who represent the majority of Americans).

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