Friday, January 9, 2009


Did you see that television segment about Sarah Palin? She spoke about her trials and tribulations on the campaign trail (smile).

So what did "Morning Joe" do this morning? ... they were sympathetic and agreed somewhat with Ms. Palin's views.

Now, I think Mika, Joe and Willy just wanted to "shake things up"; at least, that is what I hope. I would hate to think that those three were temporarily deranged.

Ms. Palin thinks that if she had run as a Democrat, she would have been embraced.

This is what I wrote "Morning Joe" [I must have an obsession with "Morning Joe" this week]

"Ok, now I think I know why you guys supposedly are sympathetic to Palin.
You really wanted Democrats to go bonkers. Here is why “that woman” would have never been chosen by a Democrat:

1. Sarah Palin would have been "fully vetted", and there’s no way she would have been chosen presenting a pregnant teen-age daughter. It's not a good political move for a Democrat since Republicans are always trying to prove that Democrats are immoral.

2. She’s anti-pro choice. She doesn’t believe in sex education.

3. Her husband belonged to, or used to belong to a secessionist group.

4. She would have been perceived as lacking intelligence. Heck, the minute she opened her mouth, she would have been given the ax. Democrats like intelligent people.

5. Most Democrats are not gun toting, "kill wolves, moose, and bears" kind of people.

6. Democrats are environmentally friendly.

Need I go on? Come on.

Turn music player off/pause before starting the video.

Below: Keith Olbermann, Friday, January 9, 2009

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