Friday, January 16, 2009


Why oh why did "Morning Joe" have Mitt Romney on their show?
Mitt Romney looks good, presents himself well, and his words flow out of his mouth … but least we forget, he comes from a political perspective and a particular party ideology. What else is the man going to say?

Mitt has a problem with regulation. Regulation works if there are no political ties, greed, corruption and cronyism. Hell, his party appointed most of those regulators who looked the other way. He argues for tax cuts for large corporations. Tax cuts for large corporations in this global market are a no win situation. Large corporations have been flocking to 0% tax havens for some time; and they look for cheaper and cheaper labor costs. They have no sense of patriotism. Pure profit and managerial greed drives them.

I don’t want to get into the “arms” industry, but they bear a huge responsibility in the fighting and unrest all over the world.

Mitt says shareholders should decide about salary and bonuses. Look, most shareholders don’t even look at their proxy statements and most don’t vote. Give me a break; the stockholders who possess the largest block of shares run the show.
The CEO’s, [management] have run their companies into the ground and still they walk off with huge separation packages, huge stock options and bonuses.
The small business company or owner is where the business tax cuts should go.

One other thing I want to say separate from Mitt; everyone knows that Bush didn’t inherit a recession. The minute that guy got into office, the stock market started to decline. It rallied back in 2003 and fluctuated until the disaster in 2008. Bush and his "inmates running the asylum" party almost devastated this country.

Last, 9/11 happened on Bush’s watch; and terrorist attacks usually happen in cycles. We saw a more minor attack, in comparison to 9/11, during Clinton’s term. You’ve already seen in 2008 a major attack in south east Asia (India) even before President-elect Obama comes to office.


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