Thursday, January 22, 2009


Joe Scarborough co-host of "Morning Joe" doesn't have a problem with "Gitmo", or former President Bush's policies on detention and torture; and was visibly extremely angry with people who do not believe as he does.
My response to Joe:
There you go getting your “knickers twisted up” Joe. No one has a problem prosecuting terrorists. The problem was/is, a group of people of Muslim descent who we thought/think may be linked to terrorist organizations weren’t prosecuted; they were detained indefinitely and in secret; and some even tortured.

Let me ask a question. Was it ok to detain Japanese Americans?
Is it ok to profile Muslims, African Americans and Hispanics, etc. by virtue of their ethnicity or color of their skin? Do you absolutely know the face of Al Qaeda, what they look like?

How about domestic terrorists … those groups who want to kill and have killed Americans, African Americans, gays, Jews, Hispanics, etc … it’s their mission … ok, is it ok to detain or detain indefinitely and in secret, members of those groups?

You’re walking a really fine line here Joe. Look, no one has ever profiled you … you walk a line of privilege. Therefore, it appears that you aren’t real worked up when people of another race, ethnicity and/or color are profiled and detained ... worse, profiled, detained, tortured in secret.

The Bush/Cheney administration by virtue of its policies of profiling, torturing and detaining indefinitely and in secret have created this huge problem for America and how Americans are perceived in the Muslim world and other parts of this world.

We are a young country in a big world and a global economy. We were seen as a leader of the “FREE” world.
What happens here, in the United State, spreads to the rest of the world. We are largely responsible for the mess in this global economy. We must also bear some responsibility (due to our policies) for this world not being a safer place.

President Obama (and it is President Obama, not Obama ... since you love civility, tradition and respect) is extremely aware of the violations of all people’s rights and liberties.

If you want to go there, Joe, my suggestion is you don’t travel anywhere outside of the United States, because one day, someone may not like the fact your Caucasian, see Caucasians as aggressors; who they may view as a people seeking to advance their own interests over the interests of others, and willing to use military force to advance it; and then they confine you indefinitely and secretly in some foreign country. Perhaps we’ve been seeing that backlash for some time now.
The Facts:
*I want to add that I do not think Joe is a racist; but his remarks were insensitive and not well-thought out.
He simply represents the growing fear in the United States regarding America's safety. That said, policies such as what occurred during the Bush administration, may cause those who witness, are tortured or hear about what we've done, to lash out and retaliate.

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