Monday, December 1, 2008



1. Making the teaching of civics/citizenship mandatory in the classrooms

2. Mandatory classes in financial education (budgeting, economics, etc)

3. Have contests where teachers who turn out the best students receive bonuses and/or trips.

4. Looking at successful schools here and abroad (charter schools, etc.) and using some of their teaching styles and techniques.

5. Getting the parents more involved in their child's education


*see "
Getting Parents Involved in their Children's Education"


6. Letting parents know about educational resources in the community (such as Cuyahoga
County's -Ohio- library "Free Homework Help"

7. Recruit teachers from organizations like
Teach for America

8. Teacher accountability

9. Standardized tests that also include a section that allows for a child to be creative

10. Classes in Business Creation

11. Making our schools structurally sound and bringing them up to date with modern technology

12. Providing nutritional foods and fresh and raw food in the school cafeteria

13. Making sure that we have a fair and enlightened Board of Education that is also accountable to the people who either vote for them or who brought them in.

14. Providing good competent school nurses who when they see a health/social problem, will address it, report it and follow through to proper resolution.

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