Saturday, December 20, 2008


Dear President-elect Obama,

Yesterday, we heard that you were going to have Rick Warren deliver the opening prayer. While we love his "Purpose Driven Life"and applaud his service and dedication as a Christian; we feel, by choosing Rick Warren, you are being extremely insensitive to the gay community.

Our Suggestion:
On the stage, have well known, religious representatives from the Islamic, Jewish, Christian, Chinese traditional, Hindu, and Non-denominational community; or well known, religious representatives from the 12 classical religions or 6 major religions, and also include an agnostic (even though agnosticism is not a religion).

The opening prayer would been given by Rev. Lowery (everyone would understand that), and the benediction given by a Jew and a Muslim standing side by side, or a non-controversial Episcopalian, or even Joel Osteen.

We know you can’t please everyone, but you don’t need to be insensitive.
The way it looks now, is that Rick Warren appears to be a political pick to win the Evangelical vote in 2012.

We think you and Rick Warren (together) should tell the American people that you don’t want to be insensitive to any group of people, and would, therefore like to include representatives from the major religions (understanding that you can’t include all the different sub-groups) and that Rev Lowery would open and a Jew with a Muslim (since that is where you especially need the unity) would stand side by side (each speak) and close.

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