Saturday, January 28, 2012

What the Hell is Going On at City Hall?

Just so you know where we’re coming from:

Ever since a politician decided to tear his African American opponent (in last year’s mayoral race), to shreds in public (and calling her a criminal), we decided to take our focus off national politics, and zero in on a local political scene.  

Please do read our headline … part of which says “we’re progressive, political, controversial, provocative, thought-provoking  ...”   We also “connect the dots” when other folks won’t.

If you’ve been following us for years, you know that Clevelands Secret Club members are predominantly African American.  It now appears that a local politician (and/or his supporters) set his/their sights on finding out just who our members are, and taking close aim at who they think are the members.  It also appears that this politician or politicians (and/or their supporters) took aim, and/or are now taking aim at the African American women who were endorsed by the CC and local Democratic Party, and/or are taking aim at those who stood by his opponent.

The one thing we won’t tolerate is intimidation or being harassed by politicians (elected officials), because (to us) harassment means that the politician, and/or politicians (and/or supporters) doing the harassment, have something to hide, and/or are extremely dangerous and vindictive. 

Especially be leery of any politician who tries to bully people; and politicians who try to intimidate people with threats of lawsuits against them.

Our club has always been critical and leery of politicians, as is most of the worldThese politicians have made the decision to become public servants, and so they’ve opened themselves up (and rightly so) to public scrutiny.  If they don’t like the public scrutiny, then they probably should leave public office.

Outside sources told us, that an African American former councilwoman had two police officers show up at her home to demand that she give them two keys to city hall (?).  Now, correct us if we’re wrong, but we believe that every council member gets one key to city hall(?).  And why was it necessary to have police officers show up at her home, when (we were told) she called ahead of time, and told them she was going to city hall to drop off her key.  This same former councilwoman’s son was beaten before the elections; and then after last year’s elections (she ran for council president) her home was burglarized. 

We don’t know if all these things are just coincidental, or related to the elections, and/or her former position; however, we won't tolerate having her and her family victimized, and we will be paying close attention to all public employees  that may be responsible.  We (their employers) have given them tremendous power over our lives, and all of us should be extremely watchful of what they do

Our suggestion, again, to every resident in any local municipality ... make sure you  have a civilian review board, and report any suspicious activity by politicians and/or police, to federal authorities.  Intimidation is what unscrupulous people use to get what they want, and in  this day and age, there is a plethora of unscrupulous and dangerous people.

Word to the wise.  If after you've criticized a politician, or a member of law enforcement, or some law enforcement agency, ... and police start driving by your house at all times of the day and/or night (and you've never encountered this kind of thing before),  jot down that cars tags and anything else that will help authorities identify who the culprits are.  If you get audited for taxes, or something having to do with a government agency and it happens within a month or two, or three, etc. of the time you've criticized that politician or member of law enforcement or law enforcement agency, you need to contact your lawyer a.s.a.p., your friends, your family, your congress person, the ACLU, the Center for Constitutional Rights, and anyone else you can think of.  Definitely keep your friends close, because they may go after them too, and a pattern of behavior can be documented.  If you feel you're being followed, turn into a side street to see if they continue following you.

If you contacted that offending law enforcement agency about a prior matter unrelated to your critique of them ... they may see that as a vulnerability and they may prey on that vulnerability.

Be aware that GPS devices like cell phones and smart cars can pretty much locate you at any time and any place if you are in the same vicinity as devices and cars w GPS installed.  Because there are a host of unscrupulous politicians, etc.,  get some exercise and start walking w/o these devices, etc. around (smile).  Sorry if that sounded a bit paranoid (again, smile)   

Helpful:  Install some good mobile security software on your cell phone 

Also be aware that these unscrupulous people have no problem with bugging your car, your home, etc. ... and may even use these and other spy tactics under the guise of homeland security (which will allow them to use the local police or GPS tracking or bugging your property).   

Don't let them worry you ... just keep a  journal, and note anything that seems suspicious.  You can't remember everything, so write it down, and have back-up copies online just in case your home is burglarized.  [You may think this is funny; however, if it happens to you in the future, you'll thank us.]

Again, the most important thing is to keep good records and don't keep silent.  Put them on the defensive.  It's a shame, and while most public employees are good people, all it takes are a few bad apples to ruin an entire profession (as we've seen in the past and present).

It would be great if the offending politicians/agencies/departments clean house.

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