Sunday, January 22, 2012

Black Girls Rock

I'm over 60 years of age, and I thought I'd seen alot; but (a few days ago) when I witnessed a room full of Black (so called) men allow a white man to disrespect two sisters without any repercussions, ... I was through. Did you hear what I said? ... I was through ...

First, I don't dislike men, ... but what in God's name has happened to Black men?  Our voting rights are being rolled back, women's rights (and that includes a "sister's" rights) rolled back, unemployment sky-high in Black communities, poverty rates climbing in Black communities, Black men continuing to be incarcerated in unprecedented numbers,  ... and what do (far too many) Black men do? .... Many do nothing; and some of them do worse than nothing (if that's possible).  ... Yep, ... they do the "Uncle Tom" or "Stepin Fetchit".  Yes sa, Mr. White man, ... go ahead and disparage, disenfranchise, and spit on my mother, my grandmother, my sister, and my aunt. 

So why should I be surprised when I see a room full of Black males allow an arrogant, "full of his own self-importance",  Caucasian male,  disrespect two good sisters and a lot more before that?   Why? .. because I'm a sister, ... and what I witnessed made me nauseous, and shocked the hell out of me.  I can't help it, but I really do expect so much more from Black men than what I've seen.  

Sisters have been fighting the good fight since before slavery, ... Strong Black sisters, who despite all the racism, unspeakable horrors, and disrespect they've had to endure through the centuries by (too many) Black males and (far too many) white males, ... still rock on. ...

They still rock in their community, ... They still rock going to school, and work, and then church on Sunday, ... raising and feeding their family (and sometimes other folks children) ... They rock on. 

A couple of weeks ago, I watched a show called "Black Girls Rock" on BET.   Hosted by Tracee Ellis Ross (co-star of "Reed Between the Lines") and Regina King (co-star of "Southland") , it was an awesome celebration of Black women, and dedication and tribute to Black women who have  amazing accomplishments.  If you can, catch it in reruns.

Award recipients:

Grammy award winning legendary gospel singer, Shirley Caesar

Civil rights activist, writer, professor and scholar, Angela Davis

Young, Gifted, and Black actress, Tatyana Ali


I am so proud of these strong, talented Black women,  and many, many more (African American women - athletes, singers, song writers, playwrights and other authors, politicians, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, performers, producers, directors, community activists, scientists, physicians, lawyers, teachers, engineers, businesswomen) who did not receive an award that evening.

Everyone of you ... Keep Rocking!

Be sure to catch "The Help" on DVD or Blu ray.

Just published in the online Washington Post, 1/22/2012 / 9:21pm ..
Survey paints portrait of black women in America

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