Saturday, May 23, 2009


Mr. Panetta, good/reliable, unbiased, "state of the art: intelligence is important, not simply "intelligence".

If our intelligence (that includes satellites) is great, and our borders well protected and prepared for any aggressive military or destructive chemical threats from other hostile countries or organizations; and if our military defense systems and large number of troops centered within our own borders can protect us from foreign invasion we would be better served than traipsing around the world, trying to interrupt and militarily intervene in other countries that have their own set of problems and will continue to have their own set of problems. When our allies ask for our intelligence or diplomatic assistance we should provide it as long as it does not cause harm or instability in that region of the world. Our presence simply adds to to their problems; and we should never provide weapons to anyone. The United Nations and NATO need to discuss these things.
I'm really tired (the American people are tired) of those in power trying to justify why our military should be on foreign soil.

Strengthen our own defenses and military systems here on our own soil; and do what's right for the health and welfare of our own citizens.

I'm not for cutting off aid to those countries that are poor and need assistance; but let the Red Cross, United Nations, and other respected relief organizations handle it. PERIOD!

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