Friday, November 2, 2012


You all know we don’t like most politicians, most big corporations, or private equity firms like Bain Capital.  Mitt Romney is counting on your ignorance of finance (and not doing your own research), and quite honestly, we think he’s succeeding. 

There were people that predicted (or foresaw) the financial crisis of2008, but no one was really listening.  Part of the reason was most people have absolutely no idea about things like finance, or economics, or how the economy works, or what WallStreet is about, or have knowledge about credit default swaps, or derivatives, leveraged buyouts, etc.

What they do know is that they don’t know how to budget, that they try to keep up with the Joneses, that the price of gas has gone up, … basically they know they are screwed because they know nothing about finance, or Wall Street, or how the economy works, or debt and deficits, or how to live within their means. 

The Joe Scarboroughs, and FOX (cable) news idiots (although there was one Fox smart guy), and CNBC whoevers, and contributors to Forbes, financial journalists, etc etc etc still are completely clueless how we prevent 2008 from happening again, and wouldn’t recognize the signs again, even if it smacked them in the face.  All they seem to care about are a bunch of people making money and huge profits, and essentially that’s all Mitt Romney cares about when it comes to the economy.

What he does know, is how to use other people’s money (borrowed money) to loan it to businesses, so he can siphon off some of the profit (or most of it depending on what it says in the contract) and collect a fee; but that’s not creating a healthy economy, … Is it?

It’s disingenuous and hypocritical to hear people like Romney talking about debt and deficits, when basically he got filthy rich using investor's (borrowed) money to loan it to businesses (so they’re now in debt). 

We’ve got a few videos for you to watch.  Definitely watch MattTaibbi’s segment on “Democracy Now”, and the video about debt/deficits.

All Things Mitt

Debt and Deficits


Anonymous said...

Romney's deals depend on tax breaks

Anonymous said...

Mitt still shared in the profits whether Mitt was actively involved in Bain or not.

Anonymous said...

Mitt's business deals depend on tax breaks from the government. Probably why he doesn't want u to see his tax returns. This hypocrite lacks integrity and should not be President. I think the world will be horrified if this vulture gets in the White House. God knows what jackals, destoyers, and other vultures he'll bring w him.

Anonymous said...

Matt Taibbi nails it about Romney.