Friday, August 10, 2012


What's that famous "Godfathers" line?  Oh yeah,   Michael Corleone: "Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in."

Okay, okay ... nothing bad on my end, however ...

What the hell is wrong with these guys in Maple Heights.  Rumor has it that certain government officials (and/or MHTS public employees) have been given orders not to talk to or release any, or is it any really important information to certain residents in Maple Heights (who shall remain nameless). 

Look, Ohio has a public records law and there are sunshine laws.  What you Maple Heights public employees are doing, ... honestly looks like a cover-up.  You shouldn't be going around deciding who and who you are not going to release public information to.  You can't be that dense.  Now a whole bunch of people want to know what you have to hide, and now I want to know what you have to hide?

If there's nothing, release the damn information that you are legally required to release. 

And here's a question: Can a public official become an "accessory after the fact", and can "obstruction" be charged against a public employee?

Update 8/24/2012: 
A few friends thoughts  "Are these guys Republicans, cause they certainly act and sound like it?"

Update 8/23/2012:
It is official.  Requests by a person, who shall remain nameless, for public information/records were sent to a Ms. Waller, Ms. Gambosi, Mr. Montello, Ms. Vopat, and a Charles Crews Jr.  As of this date, the individuals named have not given the information requested. 

It also appears that Mr. Montello or/and Mayor Lansky (two public employees who work for the taxpayers in Maple Heights, and not the other way around) may have put the "lock" on the release of certain public information (that they call inquiries).  And since when did public employees get the impression they don't have to answer questions from taxpayers/residents (again, who pay their salary)?  The words "arrogance" and "insubordination" come to mind (my opinion).  Yep, something doesn't smell right.   

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Anonymous said...

Definitely insubordination