Friday, January 21, 2011


While President Obama still has a lot to learn in regards to banks and the financial sector; he clearly understands that one of the ways (and it's going to take a lot) to dig this nation out of the hole we're in, is with a company like GE, and a CEO like Jeffrey Immelt. [Immelt ... we forgive you for your past mistakes because we believe you care about the American people; ... and Immelt, ... let's concentrate less on military and outsourcing, and more on American jobs, domestic and international peace and tranquility, and the environment].

We bet a whole bunch of you Clevelanders (and New Yorkers, etc.) have relatives who work for, or worked for GE; and GE respects its unions (or did -not sure what's going on now).

The focus definitely should be on jobs, innovative products, great exports and making the Middle Class strong again. We definitely like Immelt's focus. It's a shame the GOP is wasting tax-payer money on destructive and futile efforts, and trying to gain political points ... but they never learn; and unfortunately, Americans pay the price.

As for the blood sucking
corporate globalizers who only care about profits and not people ... We've got news for you. We're urging all the average, ordinary citizens of the world to unionize to stop these global blood suckers from exploiting your country and your labor. Make them act responsibly, and make them pay their fair share.

Today's Plutocracy Post: GE Doesn't Pay Taxes -- Taxpayers Pay GE |
by Dave Johnson

There's nothing wrong with unions. For instance, we don't know anyone who objects to the screen actor's guild ... and wasn't the union buster
, Ronald Reagan, president of the screen actor's guild? We guys don't mind paying more to see a movie if we can afford it ... emphasis on "afford it". You definitely can't afford it on low wages.

People all over the world ... please don't let the
GOP, or anyone, or any country, or any organization, stop you from forming a strong union. NO ONE! Unions must globalize to lift the standard of living for people everywhere.

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