Monday, August 2, 2010


Girl … I’m moving up out of here. Yep girl … I’m moving to Blanche Lincoln territory. That’s right girl, I’m moving to Arkansas. You ask … What if I don’t like Arkansas? Then I’ll call South Carolina’s (6th District) Jim Clyburn, or North Carolina’s Kay Hagan.


What you need to be asking me is why I want to get the hell up out of Cleveland and from around some of the surrounding suburbs. You know … those suburbs that serve up a steady diet of “gutter trash”.


Gutter trash”, girl. You know, the kind of “gutter trash” that walk around with their pants hanging below their behind, … the “gutter trash” that turn up their car stereos and go boom, boom, boom down your street and/or raise the roof off your house, or cause your house to vibrate. Yeh, that kind of “gutter trash”. The kind of “gutter trash” that don’t give a damn about you or anyone else; … and could care less about being respectful and considerate.


My friends tell me that “gutter trash” would not be welcomed in Arkansas; they may even find themselves locked up or kicked under the jail.

Now you’re talking.


But let me tell you this girlfriend … I don’t want to be living with the other kind of “gutter trash” either. Yep, the “gutter trash” that won’t allow “God fearing” good, decent people to live where they want to live. The kind of “gutter trash” that will lynch you if you look at em funny.


Let me define “gutter trash” for you. In addition to what I described above, “gutter trash” are:

1. Ignorant, don’t want to learn nothing but how to lie, cheat, rob, murder and steal.

2. Lazy, lie around the house smoking weed or just plain lying around the house

3. Sloppy, nasty, funky smelling low life

4. Loud talking, jive talking, talking about nothing positive, always talking negative crap

5. “Coon hunting”, skin heads - always waving confederate flags

6. Child molesters, wife beaters, sons of bitches

Just to name a few, uh huh


Now girl, … you’re going to tell me that I’m bound to run into some of these “gutter trash” wherever I go. Yep, you’re right. But honey, hell, I’ve got my priorities, and if you know me, you know what they are.


Talk to you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Body found in Maple Hts end of bridge.

Anonymous said...

Cleveland 2009 (really sick stuff):

eventually discovered 11