Thursday, July 22, 2010


So much for O'Reilly's apologies to Mrs. Sherrod. WEAK!!

"Though O’Reilly acknowledged that when he called for Sherrod’s resignation he hadn’t done his “homework,” he went on to make a case for why she’s still “ineligible to serve in the government.” His reasoning: She’s a “long-time liberal activist” who sued the Department of Agriculture and won $300,000, and her controversial speech shows “blatant partisanship.”

Well, excuse me. Just because Mrs. Sherrod is and has been a civil rights activist (a title that is admirable) fighting for those little guys who have had their civil rights violated, does not mean she is a racist ... And since when is it against the law to sue if you have a good case?

And let me see ... is Bill implying that only Independents should serve in government?

Shirley also called em like she saw em. Republicans have called for President Obama to fail. Thank you Shirley for rebuking the tactics and rhetoric of Republicans who seek to thwart her (and our) president's agenda (an agenda he was elected on).

Shirley Sherrod has a unique sensitivity and first hand experience dealing with the racism that exists within the Department of Agriculture. I imagine it was that sensitivity and experience that led to Mrs. Sherrod's appointment.

Mrs. Sherrod is loyal to a Democratic president (as she should be, and should make no apologies for). She was and is uniquely qualified to serve in that department.

Blatant partisanship? O'Reilly (I guess) doesn't have a problem with Republican or conservative anti-choicers who serve or served in government. He didn't and doesn't criticize them.

Give me a break Bill, your partisanship is showing ...

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