Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I’m always amused when people take stabs/jabs at corporations. They equate corporations with living things; they talk of corporations as if they were human beings who have feelings and a conscience.

The failure to see corporations for what they are, prevents Congress, and the president from creating policies that truly address what plagues our nation.

Corporations are simply organizations run by managers. Its structure and mission statement reveal its intentions and just how potentially noble or ruthless it can become. That said, if we’re dealing with a “for profit” company, no matter how nice management is, their main objective is to show a profit. If management wishes to stay employed, the company must show more profit quarter after quarter, year after year. This profit motive is why there is a potential for abuse.

How does Congress create policies that help good companies become and stay profitable, while at the same time creating policies and legislation that ensure that bad (mismanaged) companies are held accountable?

What must Congress do to create a path for its citizens to achieve real upward class mobility (the kind of upward class mobility that exists in Denmark)?

What must Congress do to ensure the good health and welfare of its citizens?

What can Congress do to bring good management and good labor together for the benefit of both?
(to be continued ... next "New Democrats ... are they good or bad for the Democratic Party and America?")

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Elaine said...

Great article at Alternet:

"Why Germany Has It So Good -- and Why America Is Going Down the Drain"