Sunday, April 4, 2010


Today is Easter Sunday and I found myself reflecting upon the significance of this nation having elected an African American president, and just what that meant to those who voted for him and against him (in 2008).

Some felt that with the election of Barack Obama, it would be like the second coming of Christ. Others were horrified, thought the world would end, and called Barack Obama the anti-Christ.
Well folks, it’s time to wake up. Barack Obama is neither the second coming of Christ; nor is he the anti-Christ. Barack Obama is a corporate Democrat … plain and simple. Well ... actually he embodies "The Third Way". **
For some progresives, that news is the ultimate insult; and if you’re a conservative, I would think, you should bow down and kiss his feet.
The fact is, with just a few tweaks here and there, ... this president pretty much left things as they were; and for all the talk of financial reform … what little or more of it we get via Congress … will still leave things pretty much the same. [Yikes ... Banks rule the world ... the Sky is really falling]
So on this beautiful Easter Day, don’t fret. The world is not coming to an end [well, maybe Goldman Sachs and/or the IMF will bankrupt most countries and/or hold them hostage], … neither is there going to be a new dawn or new politics …
Yes, the president is a capitalist … a "Third Way" Democrat … (at the mercy of large corporations and big banks, ... just like the rest of us) ... so, get over it and move on.

(Oh, and I will be editing this, as I have lots more to say)
Max Keiser

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Anonymous said...

Well, the predictions have been correct. No real teeth in the financial reforms bill.

Dylan Ratigan predicted, Paul Volker predicted, hell, everyone but politicians said there would be no teeth in the financial reform bill ... and guess what? ... there isn't

Bank execs on reform: What, me worry?"
By Howard Schneider