Thursday, February 25, 2010


Keith and his father are in my prayers. You cannot watch the video below without it breaking your heart. My comment to Republicans is to just stop it! Stop lying about health care reform. Just stop it! .... and to Democrats and Republicans who may be "in bed" with health insurance companies and Big Pharma, ... get "out of bed" with them! Just stop it!

Members of Congress and the president:

Stop putting health insurance companies first.

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Watch Bipartisan Health care summit live at Sunlight Foundation:

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Members of Congress and the president:

Answer me this question.

Are you going to mandate Americans to buy into a "for profit" system?

Will everyone pay the same premium for basic health insurance?

If the answer is yes/no, then you cannot compare yourself to the Swiss system. Health insurance companies cannot make a profit in the Swiss system; and everyone pays the same premium.

I'm against anyone buying health insurance in a "for profit" system. That is not true health insurance reform; it is however, backroom dealing and playing politics if required to pay into a "for profit" system.

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