Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This year I am bound and determined to cut down on the time I spend emailing certain people, writing in this blog, and keeping tabs on politicians. If you notice, I’ve been writing less and less. It’s a full time job keeping up with politicians, “bad ass” corporate criminals, and “the good”, “the bad”, and “the ugly.

Okay, … I’ve given you my New Year’s resolution.

Now don’t take offense at what I’m going to say in this post. Before you say anything, re-read our group’s description. Yeah …. Read it. It says, we’re progressive, political, controversial, thought-provoking, entertaining, sometimes comedic, …

Today’s subject: Let’s talk about profiling potentially violent “sons of bitches”.

If we’re really serious about cracking down on violent crime, (that means everything from sex offenders, to murderers, to terrorists, etc.), why not look at the group most responsible for these crimes. What do all these violent offenders have in common? Think people … think!

If you guessed … those who possess the “Y” chromosome, you were right on the money.

These violent offenders are of every skin color, job description, from every political party, and religion (though I’d seriously watch those Catholic priests and bishops). The only thing that truly unites them is that damn pesky “Y” chromosome. God forbid they have an extra “Y” chromosome.

These are some scary people folks. You never know when one of them might snap or unveil their “hidden” aggressive/violent tendencies and wreak havoc on others.

So what should we do when one of these “Y” chromosome people gets on a plane, or train, or want a job in a school, or want to get married, or want to work for law enforcement, or for that matter want to do anything? I say strip search em, body scan em, investigate em, and turn their entire life upside down.

Can you really trust these “Y” chromosome people to walk amongst us?

I say … cross the street if one of them comes towards you.

If they make one false move, I say … lock them up and throw away the key. Better still, put each and every one of them on some remote, highly guarded island and let them be leery of, and nervous around each other.

Now … I want to be fair. I don’t want us profiling little kids; however, if there’s an age group that bears watching, it’s probably that group between the ages of 10 and 60. Sounds about right, don’t you think? Can’t afford to have those “Y” chromosome kids viciously attacking others on the playground.

Heed my warning people …

To be continued and edited (smile) …


Jolly Roger said...

You have a point, but with all due respect..... find me one instance of an Injun turrist. I respectfully request exclusion from the body cavity searches, scans, and internments :)

JLeese said...

Its the old ladies and the handicapped that I see getting the shaft at the airport buddy, not the fat rednecked conservatives. You just cry the loudest.

Anonymous said...

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