Monday, November 9, 2009


219 Democrats and 1 brave Republican (Congressman Joseph Cao) did what no previous president’s administration or Congress has sought to accomplish in 40 years.

Saturday evening the historic Affordable Healthcare for America Act [H.R.3962] passed in the House Chamber. While the legislation is far from what needs to be done to give all Americans quality, low cost, universal comprehensive healthcare coverage; and does not really revamp our healthcare system and truly lower healthcare costs*, we do congratulate all who voted for H.R.3962; and give a special thanks to Congressman Steny Hoyer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for their tireless efforts.

Republicans did everything they possibly could to stop this legislation that will:**

1. Prevent private health insurance companies from discriminating against men, women and children who have a preexisting condition.
2. Prevent private health insurance companies from making women pay more for insurance.
3. Reinstate antitrust laws.
4. Expand health care coverage to the approximately 40 million Americans who are currently uninsured by lowering the cost of health care.
5. Prohibit rescission of health insurance coverage without clear and convincing evidence of fraud.
6. Require the option of extending coverage for children under 27 years of age.
7. Prohibit aggregate dollar lifetime limits on benefits.
8. Require guaranteed availability and renewability of health insurance coverage.
9. Prohibit discrimination based on health status factors.
10. Require parity for mental health benefits
11. Prohibits an essential benefits package from imposing any annual or lifetime limits on coverage.

While last week, approximately 100 [+] Americans died from lack of health insurance (or between 22, 000 and 44,000 annually), and approximately another 98,000 [+] Americans may lose their health insurance in the next two weeks, Senate Republicans and Senator Joe Lieberman were smug, telling news organizations that the historic Healthcare House Bill would never see the light of day in the Senate. Republicans continue to offer no real solutions to our broken healthcare system and no solutions to providing universal health care.

Senator Lieberman promised to filibuster with Senate Republicans to make sure Americans would never enjoy quality, affordable, comprehensive universal health care.

Senate Republicans and Senator Lieberman also vowed to make sure that private health insurance CEOs continue to receive outlandish compensation (while 1 out of 6 Americans live in poverty); and they vowed to make sure that private health insurance companies continue to make great profits while Americans struggle to survive. How? By making sure there is no public option in a Senate Healthcare bill (if there ever will be one).***
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Note: Those who are proponents of women’s rights, please make sure you do everything possible to unseat Congressman Stupak when he comes up for re-election. We are sick of men trying to interfere with women's rights. [62 male Democrats and all but 1 male Republican]
We applaud Congressman Dennis Kucinich for opposing H.R.3962. He is a strong proponent of a single payer system (what many of us wanted); and he refused to compromise.

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