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Word of warning to the Obama administration and all members of Congress and the Senate [Democrat, Independent, and Republican]. If you don’t put the health, welfare and safety of the American people above money and corporate profits, you will totally lose the respect and trust of the American people.

People believe in conspiracy theories because there is evidence of governments experimenting and putting its citizens at bodily risk.

So it is natural that people like Michele Bachmann, Van Jones (an honorable, good man) and others (from the political right and left) have or had trepidation and distrust regarding their government. Some questions and assertions, however, are absolutely ludicrous as Bill Moyers said Friday, in his PBS segment [September 4, 2009].

That said, questions will always arise whenever government gets involved.

That is why government officials and members of Congress/Senate and the President should never lie to the American people. Once you lie, everything you say is suspect.

I always remember Eisenhower’s warning of a military industrial complex. Whenever government gets in bed with private industry in war [or health care], they bear watching and investigation.

In the health care debate, Americans [in their gut] still want a strong public option. They’ve got evidence that government works pretty well in the health insurance arena. Seniors are happy with the care they’ve received with Medicare paying the bills; though it doesn’t mean that there be no need for improvements, especially in controlling costs.

There are numerous examples, however, of government and private industry wrong doing. Government has often engaged private industry in production of weapons and execution of policy. Our government needs to acknowledge that it is not perfect and has regrets; but it also needs to reassure its citizens that they are committed to the health and welfare of its people.

Past Sins:
Experiments on non-consenting individuals by United States [From
In August of 1949 a
U.S. Army Special Operations Division, operating out of Fort Detrick in Maryland, set up its first test at The Pentagon in Washington, D.C. Operatives sprayed harmless bacteria into the building's air conditioning system and observed as the microbes spread throughout the Pentagon.[51]
There were massive medical experiments that involved civilians who had not consented to participate. Often, these experiments took place in urban areas in order to test dispersion methods. Questions were raised about detrimental health effects after experiments in San Francisco, California, were followed by a spike in hospital visits; however, in 1977 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention determined that there was no association between the testing and the occurrence of pneumonia or influenza.[52] The San Francisco test involved a U.S. Navy ship that sprayed Serratia marcescens from the bay; it traveled more than 30 miles.[52] One dispersion test involved laboratory personnel disguised as passengers spraying harmless bacteria in Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.[52]
Scientists tested biological pathogens, including Bacillus globigii, which were thought to be harmless, at public places such as subways. A light bulb containing Bacillus globigii was dropped on New York City's subway system; the result was strong enough to affect people prone to illness (also known as Subway Experiment).[53] Based on the circulation measurements, thousands of people would have been killed if a dangerous microbe was released in the same manner.[52]
A jet aircraft released material over Victoria, Texas, that was monitored in the Florida Keys.[52]
GAO Report
In February, 2008, the
Government Accountability Office (GAO) released report GAO-08-366 titled, "Chemical and Biological Defense, DOD and VA Need to Improve Efforts to Identify and Notify Individuals Potentially Exposed during Chemical and Biological Tests." The report stated that tens of thousands of military personnel and civilians may have been exposed to biological and chemical substances through DOD tests. In 2003, the DOD reported it had identified 5,842 military personnel and estimated 350 civilians as being potentially exposed during the testing, known as Project 112.[54]
The GAO asserts that the U.S. Department of Defense's (DOD) 2003 decision to stop searching for people affected by the tests was premature. They also claimed that the DOD made no effort to inform civilians of exposure; furthermore, they assert that the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is not using available resources to inform veterans of possible exposure or to determine if they were deceased. After the DOD halted efforts to find those who may have been affected by the tests, non-DOD sources identified approximately 600 additional individuals who were potentially exposed during Project 112.[54] Some of the individuals were identified after the GAO reviewed records stored at the Dugway Proving Ground, others were identified by the Institute of Medicine.[55] Many of the newly identified suffer from long term illnesses that may have been caused by the biological or chemical testing.[56]

United States involvement in atrocities and aggression in other countries.
[Sources: The History Channel, "History Undercover: Air America: The CIA's Secret Airline" The History Channel, "20th Century with Mike Wallace: The CIA: Fifty Years of Spying" "The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia", Alfred W. McCoy, Harper-Colophon Books, 1973]

2. CIA involvement and atrocities in Chile.
3. CIA involvement in Iran
4. CIA involvement in Guatemala
5. CIA involvement in the Congo
6. Iraq
Sources: The History Channel, "Spy Web: The CIA" The History Channel, "History Undercover: Anatomy of a Coup: The CIA in Iran"

United States Experiments on its own people:
1. Plutonium Experiments
Sources: "The Plutonium Files: America's Secret Medical Experiments in the Cold War" by Eileen Welcome, The Dial Press, 1999 The History Channel, "History Undercover: Declassified: Human Experimentation" Secretary of Energy Hazel O'Leary Press Conference, July 12, 1993 Presidential Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments 1994-1995

2. Tuskegee Syphilis Study
Sources: Congressional Hearings, 1973, Senator Kennedy "Bad Blood", James H. Jones, Free Press, New York, 1981, 1993

3. Atomic Bomb Testing on Soldiers
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4. Chemical Weapons and Bacteria Experiments
Sources: News Night Minnesota 5/25/95 KTCA TV, Minneapolis 1977 The History Channel, "History Undercover: Declassified: Human Experimentation" "Clouds of Secrecy: The Army's Germ-Warfare Tests over Populated Areas", Leonard A. Cole, Rowman & Littlefield, 1988, 1990 "The Eleventh Plague: The Politics of Biological and Chemical Warfare", Leonard A. Cole, W. H. Freeman & Co., 1996, 1998 "Undue Risk: Secret State Experiments on Humans", Jonathan Moreno, Routledge, W. H. Freeman & Co., 2000

5. Human Drug Testing
Sources: Congressional Hearings, Human Drug Testing by The CIA, 1975-1977 The History Channel, "History's Mysteries: Getting High: A History of LSD" "Acid Dreams: The Complete Social History of LSD: The CIA, The Sixties and Beyond", Martin Lee, Bruce Shlain, Grove Press, 1986

6. Experimentation with Microwave and EM Weapons
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The United States is not alone in its wrong doing, as we well know.

The knowledge of these atrocities and experiments are the reason why Americans and others sometimes feel powerless, fearful and distrusting of their government.

Members of Congress/Senate, and Mr. President, put the American people first. Tell the truth. You know universal health care and universal health insurance is morally right. You also know that the private “for profit” health insurance and health care industries we currently have, are unsustainable; and there are major problems with those industries that don’t jive with achieving true health care and health insurance reform. [Do you get that Mr. President?].

Put the safety measures in place, make the necessary reforms in our health care system, and show the rest of the world that we can be strong, compassionate leaders with effective, efficient and innovative health care and health care delivery systems.


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