Tuesday, July 7, 2009


On "The Ed Show", Donny Deutsch made the statement that Michael Jackson was simply a dancer and singer and he didn't understand why Michael Jackson was being treated like royalty.
Well Donny, ... you just don't get it, and you are dead wrong. Michael Jackson was much more than a singer and dancer. Michael brought average people, world leaders, and people from all walks of life together in love, and he enhanced our lives.

No matter what age group you are in, you loved Michael Jackson and his musical messages of joy, hope, love and peace; Michael's music lifted you up, put a smile on your face, and put a spring in your step. That was Michael's essence.

Michael never uttered a negative word about anyone; and there are so many things that are positive about Michael; however, many of us didn't know how enormously generous, sweet and wonderful Michael was until this past week and today.

Music makes the heart beat with joy; and great music [like Michael's] will embrace your spirit and vanquish your sorrows and tears. Sometimes the same music will bring tears … but tears of joy.

Doctors are able to work long hours in the operating room by having their favorite music playing in the background. I would bet that some of them even listen to Michael Jackson's music. Many of our hard working nurses and public servants listen to Michael's music and it helps them get thru a day that would otherwise be burdensome; or when they get home from a hard days work, they kick off their shoes, and lay back and relax with some of Michael's songs playing in the background.

Hospital patients listen to Michael Jackson's music and they feel better. Music often heals the soul and heart and body, and will nourish you through difficult times.

Music plays a significant role in most cultures.

Great music exemplifies the best in us, and is a great unifier and communicator.

When you watched Michael dance and you heard him sing, you wanted to jump out of your seat and dance and sing along with him. If you were in a crowd and Michael’s music came on, everyone in the crowd was dancing and singing together. People gravitate towards joy, and there's no mistaking, people gravitated to Michael and his music.

You can be in a room with someone who doesn't speak the same language, but the moment someone turns on some great music [like Michael Jackson's music], everyone is tapping their feet, and they are humming along with the music, and there's a smile on their face.

Michael Jackson, the exceptional and gifted musician, entertainer, dancer, visual artist and humanitarian did all the above for us and more.
Loved these comments from Uchenna Oguekwe on Huff:
"Ed looked like he really wanted to tell Donnie off. Donnie Deutsch needs to ask himself how much has he done to help people? MJ gave and gave millions to more charities than anyone, 39 in all. He visited our troops here at home and over seas and visited sick children at hospitals all around the world and gave them gifts. People like Donnie and Peter King don't understand all the attention MJ has been getting because they are the types of people who think MJ was strange or bizarre, as Donnie had stated the other day on Morning Schmoe, and only want to focus on the negative. That is why they think MJ was just a good singer and dancer. But can any of them say that in their lives they have even come close to captivating the hearts of millions worldwide through their talents and kind contributions to the global society? I think not."

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