Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The REPUBLICAN PARTY is still the Party of "NO"; the Party of CHENEY; the Party of RUSH; the Party of PALIN; the Party of BACHMANN; the Party of Rick Perry; and now the Party of "TEA", and where it has sunk (where it began with Nixon), the right-wing Party of Racists, radicals and dangerous people.

I could name a lot more "racist" or “dementedright-wing Republicans, but I don't want to spend my entire afternoon on Wikipedia and "Fixed" News (that's right, I said "Fixed"). I was going to name Bill O'Reilly ... but I really don't need him or his goons showing up at my door.

The Republican Party (whose current leadership is almost largely right-wing) was just about buried after the 2008 election.* What was never buried was the racist, hate-filled, conspiracy driven Republican playbook that was documented in Robert Parry’s February 25, 2009 article, “The GOP’s Anti-Obama Propaganda” (which I posted here on March 1, 2009)

Now racist people are in both the Republican and Democratic Party; however, one need only look at the Party membership to see that the Republican Party lacks diversity and inclusion. That kind of representation was ever prominent during the 2008 Republican campaign and convention.

After the election of President Obama, gun and ammunition sales exploded, and “hate-groups” went from 602 in year 2000 to 926 in 2008.**

Though the number of Republican Party members has dwindled, let us not take that group for granted.

Let’s fast forward to the “Tea Parties” and observe the context of those rallies. Very few if any people of color were at the “Tea Parties”.

There were radical, irrational rantings and signs about “socialism” [code for welfare] and President Obama’s citizenship [code for Muslim terrorist].

Since the President fulfilled his campaign promise to lower taxes for 95% of Americans, the Tea Party idea was always extremely suspect; and we need only look at the people pushing these “Tea parties” to see that it comes from the conservative right-wing who always vote Republican.

Further, we saw racist depictions of President Obama (on the Republican side) both before and after the election.

Rick Perry and other "so-called" prominent Texans want to secede from the United States which is absurd; and unlike “Armadillo Joe” who thinks we should let Texas secede; do we really want a bunch of radicals to go unchecked within our own borders?

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