Saturday, March 21, 2009


The greatest of men have always been dreamers. Dreamers with a profound vision for the future … your Henry Fords, your Martin Luther Kings.

Every day they woke up with their dream, with their vision. You felt something special when they walked into a room. There was a passion in their eyes and a compelling tone in their voice.

They also were architects, they laid out their plans from beginning to end … then they built a model and displayed it.

When Dr. King spoke it was with strength and conviction. His oratory sent chills down your spine and he lifted you up and you traveled with him thru his dream. You wanted to be part of the dream, his vision.

Dr. King laid out the perils and pitfalls, let you know that the sacrifices would be great … but you were willing to take the chance to be part of something great … something so great, so magnificent, that it would change the course of history and bring opportunity and a better way of life for our children and mankind. Then he put his plan into action.

I remember meeting Dr. King right after he had delivered one of his moving speeches. He had a faraway look in his eyes … like he was dreaming right there in front of me. Sounds weird … but I swear I saw the dream.

Mr. President, Do you have a model of what the future looks like? Do you have a picture of what you see?

If it’s a modern railway system … can you show America what it looks like? Can you show what a modern school looks like … inside and out? What are the students doing? Are they in a classroom working on a project that will revolutionize … (you finish the idea)?

Show us the model (in pictures, in holograms, 3D designs, and a mini movie, whatever).

What do modern day factories look like? What are the workers doing … building solar panels? … Walk us thru your dream. Show us your dream/your vision, the design, the model. Tell us/show us how it can enhance our lives, our children’s lives. Tell us how it will change the course of history and bring peace and prosperity … a testament to America’s greatness and goodness and ingenuity.

If the dream is big enough, so awesome, so compelling, so life changing; people will follow you … travel with you. They will want to be part of that dream.

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